venerdì 27 dicembre 2013


I'm on the road again and I'm back in Punta Cana.
Whoever follows me will know that the Dominican Republic has become my second home .
During the Christmas period, this place becomes a factory of events where fashion and trends can not longer be neglected.
Indeed! Fashion shows are now a must for the season .
The fashion show of Oscar de la Renta last year was unforgettable and awesome (Look and Look), but this year the world-renowned fashion designer, gives way to her "goddaughter" Oriett Domenech.
The clothes were interesting, really beautiful and original fabrics (she has used special fibers, cork and  silk with spandex) ... the girl going places !
The only flaw (I have to say it!): the shoes! Dear Oriett, please, you don't have to make a mistake so trivial and naive ... but I do my best wishes for every success.
Now I have to talk about Wilmor Joyeros…amazing Wilmor Joyeros!
Before the show, we admired the jewelry that Mrs. Ivania Will has exposed for us and for those who love diamonds!
We were all impressed by the creations of Piero Milano. The light of the diamonds is impossible to ignore!
Ivania and family are distinguished by taste and kindness, here are two rules for success.


Ivania Will

Ivania Will with her daughter Alejandra Will Milano

Piero Milano earrings: white gold, chalcedony and diamonds 

 Oriett Domenech

From left: Haydée Kuret de Rainieri, Oriett Domenech and Francesca Rainieri